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The Benefits Of Glass Splashbacks

The Benefits of Glass Splashbacks

When it comes to kitchen design, the backsplash is an essential component in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. While traditional materials like tiles and marble have dominated the world of backsplashes, glass splashbacks have caught the attention of many…

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Why Use A Bathroom Splashback Instead Of Tiles?

Why Use a Bathroom Splashback Instead of Tiles?

When it comes to bathroom design, tiles have always been the go-to wall coverings option for homeowners. While they offer diverse design options, they also come with maintenance difficulties, installation challenges, and high costs. Fortunately, the use of bathroom splashbacks…

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Printed Kitchen Splashback Solutions To Beautify Homes And Work Spaces.

Top 5 Inexpensive Kitchen Splashback Solutions

A kitchen splashback or kitchen backsplash is a protective covering that is installed on the wall behind countertops, stoves, cabinets or sinks. Not only does it add a stylish look to your kitchen that can transform the entire room, but…

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Which Splashbacks Are The Easiest To Clean?

Which Splashbacks Are The Easiest to Clean?

  • February 24, 2023

With so many splashback materials available in the market, choosing the right splashback can be a daunting task. One crucial factor to consider when selecting a splashback is its cleanability. In this article, we'll explore the easiest-to-clean splashback material and…

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The Benefits Of Mirror Splashbacks

The Benefits of Mirror Splashbacks

Mirror splashbacks are a popular choice for modern kitchens and bathrooms due to their sleek, stylish appearance and their ability to reflect natural light. Adding a mirror splashback can add a contemporary flair to any traditional kitchen space and can…

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12 Modern Kitchen Splashback Ideas

12 Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Are you looking to update your home's kitchen with a unique design element? Look no further than a kitchen splashback! A splashback serves as the perfect backdrop for your sink and cooking areas, protecting your walls from grease and food…

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Porcelain Sheet Splashbacks

Groutless Porcelain tiled Splashbacks

Groutless Tiled Splashbacks are starting a new trend in Splashback design .. if your adamant you want tiles but without the ageing grout lines that soon dirty then groutless porcelain tiles maybe the option.. We cut, process, polish, install all…

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