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Perth Glass

Perth Glass and Windows Pty Ltd

We supply and install all types of safety glass to your home or office space..

From Laminated safety glass to Toughened safety glass in all available sizes:
Each scenario of requirements are advised by talking to our Master Glazier Steve Chandler on 0488184557

INCLUDES – Glass thicknesses : 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm +

Most float glass can be toughened both clear and patterned.

Laminated safety glass has normally 2 x layers glass either side of a strong film laminated between the glass panels (Car front windscreens are laminated glass) , if laminated glass is broken it will stay in place with the strength of the interlayer between the glass panels which is also very difficult for thieves to penetrate due to the glass staying in place once broken so is idyllic for security on your windows and doors also.

Toughened safety glass is stronger in density to laminated glass and can withstand high impact situations from stones, rocks to full impact situations though if broken will shatter in tiny pieces that very unlikely to harm you if within close proximity ideally used in doors, shower screens and splashbacks ( used in car side and back windows) very strong on impact and can also withstand very high temperatures.

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