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Blue and Aqua Glass Spalshbacks

Blue coloured glass splashbacks are a stronger colour choice favoured by clients wanting more of a bold statement, creating  more of a ‘Wow’ facture within kitchen’s and work spaces and our own Steve’s favourites..

Blue Splashbacks compliment’s and works great surrounded by white kitchen cabinets, bench tops and wall colouring. through experience Blue coloured splashbacks really standout as a featured centre point surrounded by white cabinetry, Blues also compliment beautiful light stone or coloured benchtops as seen within our gallery below:

Steve Chandler from Perth Splashbacks will schedule a free no obligation measure and quotation to your home once cabinetry, power points and Benchtops have all been completed.. We have hundreds of coloured glass splashback samples to show and will through experience select samples to suite both kitchen personal and benchtop colour schemes making the whole experience easier and less stressful to choose.

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