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Prints on Glass Splashbacks – Custom Prints, Any Photo or Image Digitally Printed

Why not place a printed picture directly onto the reverse side of the toughened glass splashback using state of the art flat bed printers with high quality paints designed to be used on glass then protected with a backing coat of paint to suite your picture tones.. We have available at hand the highest quality flat bed picture printing in Perth achieving the best picture quality though requiring the highest resolution pictures.. All designed for inside areas. Print on glass has a price tag starting from around $500 – $900 per M2 depending on graphic art, cropping, scaling of your pictures..

Do you require a printed glass splashback outside? We have available at hand ceramic printing on glass, Ceramic paints have there limitations with bright colour tones such as bright oranges and bright blues and slightly less quality picture  though have the greatest durability against outside conditions against UV / sun, rain and wind and can be used outside in your alfresco areas or as translucent art work on balustrading or window designs.. Ceramic print on glass has a larger price of around $700 – $1000 per M2 installed though is the strongest print on glass in the market..

Images On Glass:

Printing on Glass splashbacks or pictures / images on glass you can permanently adhere or hang on walls or kitchen, scullery, home or office areas. Our own Stephen Paul Chandler has a artistic flare that’s developed from childhood he now enjoys using into Graphic Art designs patterns textures and images.

Stephen ues both Oils and Acrylics on canvas as a hobby and Graphic art and Photography Proffesionally to help his clients choice in simple colour decisions or complex image / pattern designs. Please call him direclty today to schedule an appointment ideally once the area’s area ready to measure ie.. Kitchen bench tops cabinets, power outlets or wall spaces are all in place for measure..

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