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Still looking for the perfect range hood in Perth?

A good rangehood should not only function well but should also look great! At Perth Splashbacks we know what makes a good kitchen great. The correct combination between space, functionality and style with a modern splashback and great looking range hoods will make your kitchen the envy of all your friends and a place from where you love to cook and entertain.

Custom Rangehoods – Complete Design, Ducting and Installation of Kitchen Rangehoods

The only company in WA than can install both splashbacks and rangehoods. Installing rangehoods and splashbacks can be a complicated and time consuming process.

First the range hood must be installed for the splashback measuring to occur, then the range hood must be taken down while the splashback is installed. We are the only company in Western Australia who can install both range hoods and splashbacks at the same time. This not only saves you a considerable amount of money but reduces the need for three separate tradesmen on three separate days.

Canopy Rangehood Installation


Canopy range hoods or wall mounted range hoods are the most commonly used in Australia. They look better when they are aligned with a contrasting glass splashback and are available in a host of sizes from leading worldwide brands.

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Centre Island / Island Rangehoods Installation


Designed for larger kitchens, the centre island range hoods normally sit about 1.5 meters above the island bench. This provides maximum exhaust flow while not being in the way of the home chef.

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Under Cabinet Range hoods


When kitchen space is at a premium our under cabinet range hoods are a great option. With sleeker profiles these not only look great but will provide a burst of bright light for those dark under the cabinet places.

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