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Self cleaning glass protection coating technology for Shower Screens :

Water and oil repellent nano coating for glass that acts as a protective glass coating offering permanent clean and clear results. Please ask us about these latest technologies in glass protection mainly used in new shower screens installations..

Once coated these coatings will repel water like water on a duck’s back preventing much staining from hard water areas such as calcium and chloride. Placing a nano coat barrier against dirt and hard water embedding within the glass, instead sitting on the surface of the glass. A simple wipe over with a damp microfiber cloth is all that’s required – No chemicals required..

If much scum has formed over a period of time then just soapy damp cloth.. The glass underneath is protected so will come back like new. Products recommended are Enduroshield and Vitroglaze..

These Nano coatings can protect the glass for vast periods of time protecting glass for 5-10 years plus..

Please speak to us regarding these products upon quoting for your new shower screens..

Please call Steve Chandler on 0488184557

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