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Mirror Splashbacks for Kitchen – Tinted, Toughened Glass & Smoked Mirror Splashback

Creating a good first impression has never been easier with a modern and stylish mirror splashback in your kitchen. Mirrors can make a statement by opening up space in your home and reflecting light, lush scenery or city skylines and giving the impression of a much larger space in a modern kitchen or bathroom.

Mirrored splashbacks are a stylish and timeless look that will never go out of fashion, making them extremely popular. Mirrors and toughened mirror splashbacks are a simple, elegant choice that will complement most kitchen and dining area designs and will light up any room. You can use the mirrored glass splashback behind your stove, behind your benchtops or anywhere else you’d like wall protection.

Toughened Mirror Splashbacks

Our stunning, high quality range of toughened mirror glass splashbacks, grey mirror splashbacks, smoked mirror splashback and tinted mirror splashbacks are favoured by many and a popular choice due to the possible re-sell value of their properties later down the track. Toughened mirror splashbacks have many benefits and keep all colour schemes neutral, creating a neutral tone throughout rooms in your home.

For more details, contact Perth Splashbacks to schedule a no-obligation site measure and free quote or to find out more information about our top quality toughened mirror splashback range. Bring beauty and style into your kitchen with a high quality mirror splashback.

Kitchen with Mirrored Splashback

The neutral nature of the toughened mirror splashback means that they complement most kitchen cabinets, benchtops and wall colouring with ease. Toughened mirror splashbacks reflect natural light, meaning they do a fantastic job of improving the lighting in any area of your home and make the area appear larger.

We recommend the toughened mirror splashback range to clients who can’t decide on a colour selection, those wanting to make the kitchen space look larger, achieve a contemporary look in their home or those who want to highlight their beautiful stoneworks, timbers or laminates by the use of the light and reflections toughened mirror splashbacks provide.

Can I use a mirror as a splashback?

Please be aware that it is only these toughened mirror splashbacks (Mirrorlite and Reflex) that are deemed suitable to be heat resistant for use in the kitchen or behind stovetops. Toughened mirror splashbacks are made using a special process by applying a mirror backing to toughened glass.

The regular silver mirror splashbacks cannot be used as a kitchen splashback due to not offering suitable heat resistance.

Are glass kitchen splashbacks hard to keep clean?

The mirrored kitchen splashbacks are incredibly easy to keep clean. They are made of glass and have no grout lines like tiles, meaning it doesn’t have a surface for dirt to cling on. It also means these mirrors are less likely to harbour germs and bacteria.

Smudges, fingerprints and stains from cooking also don’t appear as prominent on a mirror splashback, smokey mirror splashback, grey and bronze mirror splashback, making them look pristine year-round.

How do you clean a mirror glass splashback?

You can easily clean the mirrored kitchen splashback with a simple glass or mirrors cleaner and soft cloth, wiping away any dirt and stains.

How much does a mirror splashback cost?

Carrying a higher costing within manufacturing, the mirrored glass splashbacks start at a price of around $430 per m2.

Sleek & Stylish Toughened Glass Mirror Splashbacks

Contact or call today to schedule a no-obligation measure and free quote to your home once cabinetry, power points, cupboards, windows and benchtops have all been completed and installed in kitchens or bathrooms. Perth Splashbacks provides a vast array of mirror splashback, toughened mirror splashback and coloured glass splashback services, including installation and custom project requirements.

Our expert mirror splashbacks team will guide you through the entire process, from manufacturing to installing to ensuring the finished product will compliment your modern kitchen and stand out as a fantastic centerpiece.

Silver, Grey Mirror Splashbacks and Bronze Mirror Splashback Range

Only a few toughened glass mirror splashback samples are available to show due to the complex manufacturing process required for a toughened mirror splashback. We also provide a range of high quality silver splashbacks, coloured glass splashbacks, grey tint and bronze mirror splashbacks, perfect for reflecting the warm colours in your kitchen or creating contrast in a neutral space.

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